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What will happen if we don’t save our oceans? Major Threats

Ocean Major Threats

The fall of oceans is due to irresponsible humans. And we have to overcome our mistakes by doing some good work for the oceans before the time is gone. Today we will let your know "What will happen if we will not save our oceans?" So these are some serious threats that are waiting for us if we don’t look after the oceans:

Climate change

We all know that oceans are a major part of our nature. The oxygen we consume comes mostly from ocean plants and not from land plants. Due to these favors of oceans on us, we have not to oppose them. But we have to save them before the ending time. When the time is gone, we will remain bare-handed. Climate change is probably the most major threat looking for us if we will not save our oceans. Rain is a great blessing of God for us. Rain happens due to the formation of clouds. Cloud forms due to the evaporation of water. And water evaporates mostly from over the oceans. So, if the ocean gets affected, we will also get affected but more badly.

The world with high temperatures

Oceans are so much controlling the temperature of this world. Again I will talk about evaporation but from a different perspective. We all know that evaporation causes cooling. Evaporation never stops but mostly, evaporation happens from over the oceans. Seventy percent of this world causes cooling, and if oceans get some issues, we could not live in a warmer world.

Moreover, oceans absorb 93 percent of the carbon dioxide that humans emit. And this carbon dioxide makes ocean water warmer and land cooler. If the ocean will disappear, who will absorb carbon dioxide and make this world a cool place? Don't know? But you can control and protect our oceans. So, go for it.


In 2021, revenue in the processed fish and seafood segment amounts to 149,557 million USD worldwide. And this amount is supposed to grow annually by 4.41% by 2025. So, it is clear that seafood is one of the main parts of our food. Many people are vegetarian, but most of the world's population eats meat, including fish meat. Nowadays, many species of fish are dying due to many reasons like:

· Plastic pollution.

· Other pollutions including air and water pollution.

· Overfishing etc.

If we lose oceans, we will lose a major part of our food.

Polluted world

Again oceans have proved to be a great blessing of God to us. Oceans help humans make the environment of the world pleasant and more pleasant by some oceanic shows like making the climate windy. We often see trash and plastic bottles on the shore of the sea. But who is responsible for all that?

Well, the answer is simple, we are responsible for those mountains of trashes in seashores all over the world. Ninety-nine percent of plastic that we often throw anywhere does not get decomposed in our lives. This trash and litter are one of the main reasons for pollution. And this pollution is causing the death of many creatures who live in and live close to the oceans. The ocean is making our world free of pollution, and we are doing otherwise. If oceans go off the screen, then who will make this environment pleasant? Not us.

Ocean Major Threats


We are pretty much responsible for all those falls that the ocean is facing. So, we have to do something to end up all these marine crises. We have described that what will happen if we will not do anything for our oceans. We have to understand these threats and have to do something to overcome these crisis that came into existence due to us.


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