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What are the uses of ocean water – Why do we need to protect it?

uses of ocean water

Naturally, ocean water is salty and salinated. So, most people think that ocean water is useless until it is get treated and desalinated. Well, extremely few people know that ocean water is exceptionally helpful for health and other purposes like drinking.

Ocean water contains just 3.5 percent of natural salt (Sodium Chloride NaCl). But we often hear that it is harmful because it contains so much salt. Untreated seawater is harmful to our body when we drink it, but we can use it for other purposes. Apart from salt, ocean water contains Magnesium(Mg), Sulphur(S), Calcium(C), and other minerals in a very small amount. These minerals are less in amount but still are powerfully effective. So, let’s discuss some uses of ocean water and why we need to protect it:

For Drinking Purpose

Some countries are ultra lucky because these countries have naturally clean, pure, and safe to drink water. Some of these countries are:

· Denmark.

· Austria.

· Newzealand.

· Singapore.

· Greenland etc.

But on the other hand, some countries do not have pure and clean water to drink. Some of those countries are:

· Saudi Arabia.

· Ethiopia.

· United States of America.

· United Arab Emirates.

· Uganda.

· Qatar.

· Somalia.

Like Ethiopia and Uganda, most of these countries cannot afford to build plants for the desalination of ocean water. But countries like Saudi Arabia, USA, UAE, and Qatar are pretty much rich in building plants to treat and desalinate ocean water to make it drinkable. Even some countries with drinkable water are doing desalination of salty water of the Sea to make it drinkable. These countries are doing so to save drinkable water for future use. So, drinking is the most basic use of undrinkable and salty ocean water but after some treatment.

Now, after the most basic water use, let’s discuss some health benefits and uses of ocean water. Some of those benefits and uses of water are:

Ocean Water knocks out depression.

Most people who are anxiety or depression patients are advised to go to beaches or coastal areas. And we see that they get well by sitting on the shore of the Sea. It happens not only due to the peace and soothing sound of waves and birds around the Sea. But it also happens because ocean water contains Magnesium. Magnesium eliminates anxiety and makes you calm and quiet.

Ocean water polishes your skin.

So after a drive of depression and anxiety, let’s talk about some “beauty” benefits of ocean water. Do you want to clean your skin and make it spotless? So, sit in front of Sea for hours and hours daily. Seafoam, seawater, and sunlight combine to give your skin an electric change. These are some of those skin diseases that can be easily cured by ocean water:

· Ulcers.

· Lupus.

· Acne.

· Psoriasis etc.

Ocean water improves the immune system.

The people who take a bath or swims in the Sea are healthier than others because this increases the number of red blood cells up to 20 percent. Perhaps you might not believe that white blood cells also increase by swimming and taking a bath in Sea and with even more percentage. Ocean water is pure medicine for those people who have:

· Week immune system.

· Anemia.

· High blood pressure.

· High sugar/glucose level.

Why do we need to protect ocean water?

When we think about “Why do we need to protect ocean water?” then the benefits and uses of ocean water come into our minds. We only have to realize the importance of ocean water. This realization will lead us to protect our oceans.

uses of ocean water


There are so many benefits and uses of seawater. Even some uses are unknown to us. We have described the most basic use of ocean water and some health-related uses of ocean water. These uses make us realize that oceans are not a disgrace but a blessing of God to us. So, we have to save our ocean and ocean water to save our planet.


Build Awareness

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