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The Ocean Wouldn’t Give Us Anything… The Reason: Plastic


Malaysia is a land bordered by several seas – the Straits of Malacca and the South China Sea being the most prominent ones. Malaysians have enjoyed plenty of fish and petroleum resources from the ocean. But there is one thing they are not taking care of: “Ocean Pollution.”

The fish are dying each day due to the toxins in the water, while the petroleum reserves are going thin due to drilling. However, the seas are still a lost treasure, and they want to be explored. There is a need to craft a suitable policy that can be sustainable and wealth-receiving. Some attempts were made before, but now the matter is severe, and Malaysia has a new aim to see the sea as another source of economic wealth.

The National Oceans Policy will look after the situation urgently as the old ways of driving wealth like extracting petroleum, rubber, and palm oil are constantly depleting. A sustainable and exclusive framework can protect the ocean and profit from it. The NOP is highly expected to be just, include inclusiveness, deploy a holistic ecosystem approach, and respect the local and indigenous culture. The public will be the main asset of the NOP.

The Polluter Pay option is also in suggestions. The primary goal is good ocean governance while promoting responsibility and sustainable development for the islands and coasts. Experts are also suggesting the NOP re-look after the ocean laws for better protection of vulnerable resources and reduction from pollution.

Both these issues have created a massive impact on the food chain due to the ingestion of microplastics by marine animals. The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation members recently took part in a symposium where they shared their experiences, predictions, and solutions. Some options under consideration were recycling, alternatives to bioplastics, and the human behavior towards recycling. One idea that boomed there was that the authorities create a transparent market in urban areas where plastic can be bought and sold ethically. Ocean wealth can only be achieved when there is less plastic inside it. This can only happen through effective pollution policy and recycling.


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