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The effects of ocean acidification on commercial fishing industries

Light Pollution

Ocean acidification poses significant threats to commercial fishing industries worldwide. As carbon dioxide (CO2) levels rise in the atmosphere, more CO2 is absorbed by the ocean, leading to a decrease in seawater pH and increased acidity. This acidification can have detrimental effects on the marine organisms that support commercial fisheries.

One major impact of ocean acidification on commercial fishing is the disruption of the food chain. Many commercially important species, such as shellfish, rely on calcium carbonate to build their shells or skeletons. As the acidity of the ocean increases, it becomes more challenging for these organisms to form and maintain their structures. This can result in weakened shells, reduced growth rates, and increased mortality rates, ultimately leading to declines in population size and reduced catch for fisheries.

Commercially valuable species that depend on shellfish as their prey or habitat, such as certain