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Shi Shi the sea turtle makes steady improvement after rescue from Washington beach

Shi Shi the sea turtle makes steady improvement

Sea turtles are one of the most intriguing species that we know about. They are a wonderful creation of nature and all their lives they have to fight against all odds to survive in a competitive world. One of such sea turtles that got into the limelight after it was found wounded on Washington beach and was rescued is named Shi shi.

There is some good news coming about this sea turtle that it's making some positive moves towards recovery and sooner or later it'll be released back into its natural habitat. The story of this green sea turtle is nothing less than a work of fiction. It was found in an almost dead condition on Shi shi Beach and a kind Makah tribal member rescued the poor soul.

The turtle was then handed over to Seattle Aquarium who provided all the medical assistance that was required to this beautiful sea turtle. From almost dying out at the shore of Washington beach, shi shi the sea turtle is now at an animal hospital and rehabilitation center and it is recovering quite well from all the bruises and smashes that it took along the way along.

It was even put to a fish tank to see how it responded and the doctors were quite happy with the progress it was showing. All medical requirements of shi were being taken care of properly and it was provided with fluids, injections, and some antibiotics as well to keep the immunity system it going. The doctors thought after seeing X-rays and physical examination of shi shi that it was recovering quite well and sooner rather than later, it will be put back into its natural habitat.

All in all, the survival of this green sea turtle is nothing less than a miracle. Most of the time when turtles are blown away by waves, the chances of their survival are almost zero. However, she was quite lucky and it lives to fight another day, just like it has done all its life.


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