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Rare White Dolphin – ‘Casper’

Rare White Dolphin – ‘Casper’
Rare White Dolphin – ‘Casper’

Dolphins are one of the most loved, researched, and talked about water-based animals.

They are the epitome of beauty and intelligence, and some of their processes remain a mystery to humanity, and a lot of research is going on to disclose the secrets.

Where Was Casper Seen?

Monterey Bay seems to be the hub of movement for Casper, as it has often been seen jumping and moving around in that area. It should also be mentioned that, even though Casper is super rare, it is still not living an isolated life and is often seen with its mother and family.

According to some marine biologists, they have even seen it moving around with hundreds of other dolphins. This also stresses the theory that dolphins have a very strong social life and are very friendly towards each other.

What Makes Casper, White?

The super rare white color of Casper is a result of a Genetic Mutation. This disease is named Lewisism.

This condition suppresses melanin in the body of dolphins. Melanin is a hormone responsible for the pigmentation of the skin and has a major impact on the super rare white color of Casper.

This trend has also been noticed in some other dolphins as they develop pink spots on their body due to less amount of melanin in the body.

Using Casper As A Marker

A lot of marine biologists are using Casper as a marker for their studies.

The reason for using Casper as a marker is that whenever they see Casper, they can get to know about the same group of dolphins that always travel with Casper.

It is much easier for these marine biologists to keep track of their research about dolphins as a lot is yet to be discovered.

All in all, Casper is a freak of nature, and this also shows, sometimes, even a disability or a condition can give you a special place in the field of research.

As per the studies to date, Casper is the only white dolphin that is to be seen.

So, if by any chance you get to have a look at this beautiful animal, don't forget to take some pictures and make some wonderful memories.


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