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How long do we have to save the ocean?

How long do we have to save the ocean

By 2030, we have to save at least 30 percent of the oceans to protect our earth from the collapse of lives.

We live in a world of life and environment cycle where we have to live with other creatures. But unfortunately, I have to say that we are selfish people. We never take care of nature where we live in. Oceans are also a part of this beautiful nature. But humans never take care of it. During the 2019 International Coastal Ocean Cleanup, plastic wrappers were the most common waste item found, with almost five million collected globally. This was followed by cigarette butts, with 4.2 million collected. Plastic wrappers and other kinds of stuff make our oceans dirty. They are spreading water pollution, which will indirectly harm us.

But we can overcome our mistakes by saving our oceans from every bad stuff. When we think about saving our ocean by changing our bad habits, some questions pop into our minds. These questions are like "How long do we have to save the ocean?" and "Is it too late?"

We understand that we do not have much time to save the ocean because we have already taken it into very massive trouble. We have to understand that right now is the best time to protect the oceans.

What we have to do first?

Well, we have so many things on our to-do list when we think about doing something for our ocean. Then the thing that should come into our minds is "pollution." In Mexico, as of May 2019, During a survey, 36.4 percent of the respondents considered water pollution to be a severe problem in their city or municipality. That is how much water pollution is crucial for us to eliminate:

Reduce Water Pollution

In 2020, there were 453 cases of marine pollution in Japan. In that year, most confirmed marine pollution cases in Japan were recorded in the Seto Inland Sea. In the Seto Inland Sea, water stretches are relatively calm. So, the ocean can not put the waste material out of it. We have to reduce these cases that are increasing all over the world. We can do it by working as a unit. At this stage, the world has spread and scattered, so we face this kind of problem. We can reduce pollution by:

· Stop throwing trash on beaches.

· Throw aluminum cans and plastic bottles into dust bins.

· Not throwing factories' waste into rivers and lakes.

· Not building factories near coastal areas.

Now, we have to discuss the best time to start our activities to protect our ocean. So, the best time is "Now."

Why is right now the best time to act?

Firstly we have to understand the principle of "Now or Never." This rule/principle tells that if you will not take a stand and do it now, then time will pass, and you will remain empty-handed. This rule of just three words teaches us so many lessons. It teaches us that time will go on. It will not wait for you. You have to adjust yourself in from of time. Understand this lesson because if time teaches you a lesson, it will leave you in the lurch.

How long do we have to save the ocean

So, get up and do it now!


From this article, I think you have known how long you have to save the ocean? I have pretty much explained everything in a formal tone. I also have told you that pollution is the biggest problem for the ocean and marine animals and plants. Pollution is a massive problem for ocean or marine life and every creature in the world in the form of environmental, water, air pollutions, etc. I have also explained why right now is the best time to act? So, I hope you have got it, and you will do something for your ocean. Even cleanliness is the best gift you can give to the ocean.


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