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How Drought Could Make Sea Level Rise Worse?

Drought Could Make Sea Level Rise Worse
The Earth Is Warming Up

Global warming has been discussed as one of the major issues for the past few decades and one of the major issues mankind is facing because of Global Warming is the rise in Sea level.

The question arises why should we worry about the ever-rising sea level?

  • Chances of flooding are increased by folds

  • The agricultural soil may become contaminated

  • The fish, birds, and other animals might lose their Habitat

How A Drought Might Cause An Increase In Sea Level

Due to the melting of Ice of glaciers, the world is becoming a hotter place to live with each passing day.

In such a scenario, if a place is struck by drought, it has several negative effects.

  • A drought damages the water habitat immensely

  • Drought causes the sea level to rise as more freshwater is consumed

  • Drought may alter the flow of rivers and lakes which may again cause a rise in sea level

  • As more and more water is pumped from the ground, the sea level rise becomes worse.

Recent History Of Drought Affecting Sea Level

Not long ago, the city of California suffered from one of the worst ever droughts

The Los Angeles coastline got shrunk by quite a lot.

As there wasn't a lot of water moving to the ocean, the beaches lost their beauty as well.

There is a lot of research that's going on in the United States of America at the moment to deal with the ever-increasing problem of sea-level rise. There have even been reports suggesting some of the major cities might be underwater in the coming few decades if proper steps aren't taken to counter this problem.

Major Reasons For Sea Level Rise
Two major reasons for the rising sea level are.
  1. Global Warming

  2. Expanding Of Oceans

A drought acts as a catalyst to both these processes, causing the sea level rise to become worse.

Final Words

In Conclusion, higher authorities need to do proper planning and we as individuals also must fulfill and take positive steps towards making this world a better place.


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