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How Dolphins Use Tools, Teamwork, and Trickery To Get Their Dinner?

How Dolphins Get Their Dinner

Dolphins are one of the most studied mammals and perhaps most liked sea animals. There are water parks across the globe that different stage shows of dolphins.

What's Their Biggest Challenge

The dolphins in Waterparks get their food provided to them, but the ones living in the ocean do not have the easy way in life, and they have to face a lot of challenges to get food for their survival.

In the competitive environment of the ocean, it's all about Survival Of The Fittest, and dolphins aren't meant to hunt down prey because their body is not structured to aid hunting in the ocean.

The biggest challenge that dolphins might face in the water is the Absence Of Limbs. This disability hinders their ability to hunt down food, and hence they have to rely on their brains to get them food.

Smartest Specie In Water

If ever there was a test about the intelligence quotient of water animals, there are high chances that dolphins will top that test.

It is a well-documented fact that dolphins are very smart when it comes to dealing with everyday stuff, and they have to use their brain to try and hunt down their prey because they don't have the same skill set as a shark to survive in water.

Some Techniques That Dolphins Use To Get Food
1) Team Work

The dolphins know that they aren't strong or fast enough to fight and catch prey on their own. Hence, they try to hunt in packs and use certain tricks as a team as well, and this shows their level of intelligence as well.

2) Using sponges on their nose

Some dolphins are so smart; they use sponges as an aid to take in food that they otherwise wouldn't have grabbed. This is one of the reasons why they are considered the smartest water animals.

3) Mud Ring Feeding

Dolphins Use their tail to flick water and move fastly in a circular motion to create a whirlwind of mud within the water to trap a large bunch of fish in it.

When those poor fish get trapped inside the tornado, they end up straight into the mouth of dolphins.

All in all, dolphins are very smart animals, and they have found ways to adapt to challenging environments.


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