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How Do Sea Lions Swim?

How Do Sea Lions Swim

It is often said that there is a lot more sea life to be discovered yet. But, we can safely say that, out of the sea life known to human beings, Sea Lions are one of the most researched animals, and they have always managed to get the attention of Zoologists around the world.

Most of their activities are as interesting as their name, and one of the highly talked about things is how do Sea Lions swim?

This is one of the hottest questions regarding sea lions, and in this article, we will try to find out the answer to this question.

Single Fluid Motion

If you have seen a sea lion, you must have noticed how the sea lion can lunge upward in a single fluid motion. Due to this ability, if you are watching some sea lions live, you should try to maintain a distance from them because these are very strong animals and can hurt you badly. This single fluid motion gives it an amazing speed to move within the fast currents of the sea.

They Navigate Water Waves

Although this seems to be a subject of fluid dynamics, a sea lion's movement in water depends upon its ability to detect the water waves, and this ability helps it to swim abruptly.

Usage Of Flippers

Research has shown that the movement of sea lions can be called a thrusting movement. It's a sort of forwarding propulsion of the body. Sea lions use their muscles to bring the flippers together in a process that looks like that the animal is clapping. During this process, a sea lion stretches out the flippers to the sides and then brings them down. It then brings flippers close to its body, and this body position helps it move smoothly within the water.

So, we can say that the swimming of sea lions is an interesting phenomenon, and there aren't any other mammals known to humans that swim like these beautiful animals. Due to such peculiar behavior of their swimming, a lot more research is going on regarding their movements underwater, and we hope that we will witness some more interesting facts in the future.


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