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Freshwater Aquarium Sharks

Freshwater Aquarium Sharks

When it comes to freshwater sharks, there aren’t that many varieties that are suitable to be kept as pets. That said, there’s still a nice variety to choose from.

Here are some freshwater sharks that are suitable for a home aquarium:

1. Bala Shark

Young Bala sharks are only about 3 inches long but don’t let their small size fool you. On average, they grow to be around a foot long in adulthood though they can reach up 20 inches.

Balas need an aquarium that’s a minimum of 75 gallons and at least 4-feet long to give them enough room to stretch their fins. Balas, like with most freshwater sharks, thrive in a large tank so it’s a good idea to get the largest one you can afford.

Taking care of them is pretty easy. They aren’t picky eaters but they are omnivores and do like a variety of food.