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Dirty Facts About Ocean Pollution

Dirty Facts About Ocean Pollution

Trash, noise, gasoline, and carbon emissions are making dirty environments.

Oceans, which cover more than 70% of our planet, are among the most important natural resources on the planet. They control the atmosphere, clean the air, aid in world food production, and provide a livelihood for millions of people. They also support the majority of life on Earth, from microscopic algae to the world's largest mammal, the blue whale. The types of ocean pollution produced are vast, ranging from dangerous carbon emissions to choking plastic to leaking oil to constant noise.

Here are some dirty facts about ocean pollution that everyone on our blue planet should be aware of.

Cigarettes butts

According to the reports, claims that filtered cigarettes were "healthier" were "fraudulent." "This hazardous waste ends up on our highways, in our sewers, and our drinking water. According to the study, harmful chemicals such as tobacco, arsenic, and heavy metals leached from discarded butts can be acutely toxic to aquatic organisms and birdlife. It is poisonous to marine life.