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Blue Oceans Facts and Information – Why we should protect them?

Blue Oceans Facts and Information

We all know that 70% of our planet is covered with oceans. Well, this is something you have heard maybe a lot of times. But you probably have never heard that we are making our oceans endangered.

Oceans are still a mystery for us. That is why scientists more knowledge about Mars than oceans that are on earth. Today, I will tell you some mind-blowing and little-known facts about that area of our world that is explored not even 5 percent. We will also discuss "Why we should protect our oceans?"

Sharks' Café

Before 2002, people think that only they can have a cup of tea or coffee in a café. But they proved to be wrong in 2002 when scientists discovered an area where sharks migrate in winters. That was a remote area of the Pacific Ocean located between California and Hawaii. Scientists named it "White Sharks Café."

Rivers and Lakes under the Oceans

We think that we live in a world of humans. But this concept is not so true. Oceans have more mysteries than land. Some people do not believe it, but oceans have rivers and lakes. On the floor of the oceans, when salty water flows, it presses the floor and makes a depression on it. These depressions contain more salty water than normal seawater. So, this water is denser and goes down the surface of the oceans. That is how rivers and lakes are created in the oceans.

The ice of oceans is drinkable.

Although, we all know that we can't drink seawater. But we can drink or eat sea ice. According to research, salt drains out of ice. Sea ice still contains salt, but according to NSIDC, the ice of oceans can be consumed.

20 Million tons of Gold

There are almost 20 million tons of gold under the sea. But unfortunately, you can't get it because that Gold is diluted. If you think that you are powerful enough to get it, then you are wrong because Gold is mixed throughout the oceans worldwide. Just imagine that you have got it, but still, you have got nothing because 1 liter of seawater can give you just 13-billionth of a gram. This amount cannot make you rich.

World's biggest waterfall is underwater.

The Denmark Strait Cataract is the world's biggest waterfall. The Denmark Strait Cataract is three times bigger than the world's biggest waterfall on land (Angel Fall in Venezuela), as we know that cold water is denser than the hot one. So, in this case, cold water sinks through and goes to the ocean's surface producing the world's biggest waterfall.

Why should we protect Blue Oceans?

Several reasons allow us to protect our blue oceans. Some of those reasons will be part of our discussion. So, let's get started:

· As we know that 70 percent of our earth is covered with oceans. So, if we don't take care of it and time goes on., we can face some serious climate problems because oceans are the biggest part of our environment.

· More than 50 percent of the oxygen that we consume comes from plants in the oceans.

· Carbon dioxide is not good for us. The ocean absorbs 50 times more carbon dioxide than our environment.

· We get so much food from oceans as fishes and salmons, etc. The global seafood market reached a value of 159.31 billion U.S. dollars in 2019 and is projected to reach about 194 billion dollars by 2027.

Blue Oceans Facts and Information


We have described the most interesting and jaw-dropping about our blue ocean that you might never know. We also have pretty much covered that question "Why we should protect Blue Oceans?". We would like to say it again that oceans are the biggest part of our world and the end of oceans can end us.


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