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7 ways you can help protect the oceans

7 ways you can help protect the oceans

Everything in this world revolves around the ocean. Whether it is food or business, every aspect of this world gets something from oceans. In 2020, 5,371 container ships were serving sea routes worldwide. China, Japan, and South Korea were on top in 2018. From the beginning of the world, oceans are serving us.

But now, it is our turn to do something for oceans to protect them. Now, the question here is, "What can we do for our oceans." So, I am here to tell you seven ways you can help protect the oceans.

Use reusable plastic

Plastic has always been a great problem for nature. Everything gets affected badly by plastic and plastic items like plastic bags, whether it is land or water. Plastic pollution has now increased by a mile. It is proven that plastic can take 500 years to biodegrade in the ocean. So, for that, we can do one thing that is in our hands. We have to recycle and reuse reusable plastic. Due to increasing plastic pollution worldwide, some countries have fully or partially banned plastic bags. These countries are:

· China.

· Pakistan.

· New Zealand.

· Afghanistan.

· Nepal etc.

While on the other hand, some countries charge a tax on using plastic bags. These countries are:

· United Kingdom.

· South Africa.

· Japan.

· France.

· Austria.

· Italy etc.

Stop throwing trash in oceans.

Well, throwing trash into the oceans is also an immense problem for oceans. People go to the beach, to the lake or river for enjoyment. But there, they throw trash everywhere without thinking about the cleanliness. I want to tell those people that the trash you throw into the water harms oceans and marine life. If the marine is affected, it will not leave you. So, please don't throw your trash anywhere for the sake of yourselves. You can do another work for oceans to protect them. You can clean the area close to oceans like beaches. I know it is difficult to clean someone's trash, but you have to do it.

Throw away pollutants properly.

In 2013 in China, approximately 4,000 tons of ammonia and nitrogen had been discharged by Chinese households into the seawater. Common people just threw 4,000 tons of pollutants in the form of nitrogen and ammonia. We often say that governments have to do everything for us and nature. But we have to understand that government cannot do the thing which a common person can do. So, throw away pollutants and those substances that are hazardous to the ocean properly.

Reduce energy consumption

In the last 50 years, oceans have sucked up 90% of carbon dioxide emitted by fossil fuels. The energy we are using for our ease is making us hollow. We burn fossil fuels in our cars. This burning is affecting oceans badly. We also burn coal for industrial use as well as for eating purposes (Like BBQ). But some people don't know that burnt coal emits some hazardous substances like carbon dioxide. These substances are not good for the ocean as well as for us. So, reduce the use of energy consumption if you can't remove it.

Learn more and teach more

To save and protect oceans, you can do another thing. You have to learn more and more about the ocean to do something better about it. After learning more about the ocean, you have to teach other people and make them aware of the ocean and the problems that oceans are facing.

Do fishing properly

Good fishing is also very important for the protection of the sea. Because when an angler who is not well trained will do fishing. He can make mistakes and can kill fishes while doing fishing. It is bad for the ocean and marine life because when you will catch one fish and kill, let's say five fishes, then more fishes will die to fill your tummy.

Promote Ocean protection efforts

Suppose you are unable t do something for the ocean practically. In that case, you can take part in promoting ocean protection efforts. You can tell other people to do something for our oceans in different ways like arranging some sessions or seminars.

7 ways you can help protect the oceans


We have described the seven best ways you can help protect the oceans. After knowing these ways to do something good for the oceans, you have to stand up and do the same that I have told you. So, it is your turn.


Build Awareness

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